UNEP Colombo declaration

UNEP Colombo declaration

what is UNEP Colombo declaration?

The declaration aims to halve nitrogen squandering by 2030.

Though Nitrogen is a critical component for building structures of living organisms, its overuse has negative impacts on the earth, biodiversity and it is a contributor to the climate crisis, along with promoter of eutrophic zones impacting on fishing and tourist industries.

As part of the Declaration, environment ministers and also officials that represent the governments of at least 30 countries endorsed UN blueprints for acampaign on sustainable nitrogen management known as “Nitrogen for Life”.

This campaign comes from the Sustainable Nitrogen Management Resolution that had been adopted during the quarter period of the UN Environment Assembly held in March, 2019 in the UNEP headquarters of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Colombo Declaration has been created with the tech support of the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS), a joint action of the UNEP and the International Nitrogen Initiative supported by the Global Environment Facility.

It offers hundred dolars billion chance to mobilize development for the nitrogen circular economy, while contributing to the environment, livelihoods and health.

It further urges nations to perform a comprehensive review on nitrogen cycling covering policy, implementation, regulation and scientific facets at a national level.

This’s the first time governments have agreed to band together on a major quantitative global objective for improved nitrogen management.


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