sir full form

Sir full form-| what is the Full Form of Sir

Sir full form-| what is the Full Form of Sir

Sir full form

Sir full form is Slave I Remain

SIR  word was basically derived from the French word ‘sire’.

for the 1st time, it is used in the 13th century but in the later year, it is seen that uses are starting to decline.

as we know that India is the country known for doing its hospitality, respect. you have seen that we say namaste/bye when we meet someone even he/she is not from our family.

in the same in India, we respect any one no matter who he is when you encounter lot of people say ” SIR”

” Sir ” is basically used to show respect to someone no matter who he is.

but a lot of people are not aware of the meaning or full form of sir.

other full form of  sir that you should know

Silent Information Regulator

Surface Insulation Resistance

Scientific Information Retrieval

Selective Internal Radiation

Simulated Intelligence Robotics

String Instrument Repair

Staten Island Railway

tudio Instrument Rentals

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