PPS Full Form

PPS Full Form and Meaning – PPS Full Form

PPS Officer
PPS means Provincial Police Service.PPS full form

PPS is the Group A state police service of the state of Uttar Pradesh. PPS is subordinate to the Indian Police Service.

The PPS officers are deployed at a circle, zonal, district, and state levels. PSS comes under the control of the Department of Home and Confidential of the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

It is the feeder service of the Indian Police Service.

The recruitment for PPS is done through Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Examination.

To become a PPS Officer, you have to take the PCS exam and you have to pass it. The job of PPS is confined only to your state, it cannot work in any other state.

Whoever is a PPS officer has only stars on shoulders

IPS Officer
The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service. IPS officers are the ones who are made with the help of UPSC. Those who pass the UPSC examination and their rank are good, they become IPS and IAS.