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What is the full form of OTG?

OTG Full-Form /USB OTG full form- USB On-The-Go. With a USB OTG cable, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to other devices. The cable has a connector for your phone on one side and a USB-A connector on the other side
If you use a regular USB cable to connect your phone to a computer, the phone is the storage device and your computer is the main device. With OTG cable, your smartphone is the main device.
With a USB OTG link, you can link your cell phone or tablet to various gadgets. This link has your phone’s connector on one side and a USB-A connector on the other side.

uses of USB OTG 

USB-OTG  is so useful that it allows two devices to communicate with each other. USB OTG cable increases the functionality of your device.
But knowing what I am going to tell you now, you can probably know the usage of OTG Cable in a good way. I have mentioned about 10 ways that you can use your OTG cable.

1. Charging Phone with the help of USB OTG: we can charge a Smartphone by connecting it with the help of an OTG cable.

In which there will be more charge, it will be called Host. This trick can help you a lot during the time of emergency. be this, you can also charge non-android phones.
One thing to note here is that the device you are about to host should have more battery capacity than the other phone.
2. You can play the game on your Android Smartphone by connecting it with the Game Controller: You may not believe this thing, but it is possible. With the help of OTG Cable, you can connect your Game Controller with your SmartPhone.
If you do not like playing on your Smartphone, or its touch control is not working, then you can play your favorite game by connecting the external game controller with the help of an OTG cable
3. Can connect Android Smartphone to Camera You can transfer images and videos by connecting your USB OTG Cable with a Camera.
This proves very helpful to Travel photographers who always have a shortage of memory space.
4. Can connect Android Smartphone to Portable Hard Disk You can easily connect your Portable Hard Disk or Flash Drive to your Android Phone with the help of OTG Cable. And can easily access its data.
5. You can use the Internet by connecting Android Smartphone with a LAN cable Many people may not know that you can connect your device with a LAN cable using USB OTG.
This will be more useful when you have a broadband connection but do not have a Wi-Fi router.
For this, you just have to buy a LAN to USB controller and by connecting it, you can use Broadband internet on your mobile.
6. Can connect Android smartphone to Sound Card or Microphone If you feel that the quality of the inbuilt mic of your Smartphone is not good, then you can put a high-quality professional microphone in it with the help of USB OTG cable.
With which you can do high-quality audio recording. With this, you can also put a sound card in your Android Phone by connecting the OTG cable.
7. Can connect a USB keyboard to an Android smartphone You may find it difficult to type in the screen of your small Android Smartphone.
Yes, if the message is short then it can be written but if you have to write long emails then you will be able to write with great difficulty in SmartPhone.
To overcome this difficulty, you can use USB Keyboard. For this, you just have to configure Android’s built-in settings a little bit and after that, you will be able to write very easily with the help of an external USB keyboard.
8. USB Mouse can connect to Android smartphone You can also connect USB Mouse with your SmartPhone if you have a calibration issue.
I know that it is not practicable for daily use but with this, you can do data recovery very when your touchscreen has damaged.
9. Can connect USB Fan to Android smartphone If you need a fan at the time of emergency, then you can use it by connecting your USB fan with your Android phone.
10. Can connect USB Light to Android smartphone Like I have just discussed with you about USB Fan, you can use a USB light by connecting it to your SmartPhone.
It can help you a lot during these power cuts. You can also use USB Light while taking Selfie or while doing Video Calling in any Dark Places.

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