NITI Full Form

NITI Full Form


NITI full form

NITI Full Form – is NITI  (National Institute for Transforming India) is a replacement for the Planning Commission launched in the era of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Planning Commission, launched in the Nehru era, implemented India’s Five-Year Development Plan for many years.

After nearly 30 years in India, the BJP government, which came to power with an absolute majority, has renamed the years-old Planning Commission as NITI Aayog.

But after the change of power at the Center, on 1 January 2015, the NITI Aayog was set up on a resolution of the Union Cabinet in place of the Planning Commission.

In this, keeping the spirit of cooperative federalism at the center, the vision of maximum governance, the minimum government was put in place.

Along with this, the functioning of this commission has also been changed on a large scale. This new institution is described as a think-tank.

The primary function of this commission is to advise the government on social and economic issues so that the government can formulate a scheme that is in the interest of the people.

How NITI Aayog is different from Planning Commission

NITI Aayog has included decentralization (cooperative federalism) to formulate policy for the development of people.

Based on this, the states along with the center will also be able to give their opinion in the formulation of the schemes. Under this, the scheme will be prepared after mutual interaction with the units located at the lower level, village, district, state, center. Its purpose will be to plan based on ground reality.

Administrative Structure of NITI Aayog

Speaker: Prime Minister

Vice President: appointed by the Prime Minister

Governing Council: Chief Ministers of all states and Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories.

Regional Council: To address specific regional issues, the Prime Minister or a person nominated by him presides over the meeting of Chief Ministers and Lieutenant Governors.

Ad-hoc membership: 2 ex-officio members from leading research institutes.

Ex-officio membership: Maximum four members of the Union Council of Ministers nominated by the Prime Minister.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Secretary to the Government of India appointed by the Prime Minister for a fixed term.

Special Invitees: Experts from various fields nominated by the Prime Minister.

Objectives of NITI Aayog

here is listed below the Objectives of NITI Aayog

Supporting states through a continuous structured support mechanism to increase the spirit of federal participation, believing that strong states form a strong nation.

Developing mechanisms for making reliable plans at the village level and progressively developing them to higher levels of government.

Economic strategies and policies are embedded in the interests of national security.

Pay special attention to those sections of society who are not sufficiently benefited by economic progress.

Encourage partnerships between key stakeholders, national and international think tanks such as educational and policy research institutions.

Building knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship support systems in collaboration with national and international experts, practitioners, and other partners.

To provide a platform for the resolution of inter-regional and inter-departmental issues to accelerate the implementation of the development agenda.

To establish status as art resource centers, to be centers of research on governance and to adopt best practices in sustainable and equitable development, and to reach them to various stakeholders.

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