MOUSE Full Form – What is The Full Form of Mouse

MOUSE Full Form – What Is The Full Form of Mouse

  • The full form of MOUSE is  Manually Operated User Selection Equipment
  • The mouse is an input device. This is a pointing device that is used to interact with the PC. The mouse is mainly used to select different items on the computer screen, learn about them and open and close them.
  • Using the mouse, the user instructs the computer to do something. Through this, a user can access the computer anywhere on the screen.
  • MOUSE Full Form


Types of Mouse

Over time, many different interfaces of the mouse also developed as technology advanced. Here I am going to inform you about some similar interfaces:

1.Serial mouse
This is the oldest type of mouse in this list which is not working anymore, but you can see it in some machines in government offices.

It has a serial connector (a DE-9F D-subminiature) and needs a free serial port to connect to the PC.

It is typically a corded-type mouse and takes power from the serial port to operate itself.

This serial mouse is also referred to as cold-pluggable, which means that one should connect with the computer only when the computer is in the switched-off state.

2.PS / 2 Mouse
This PS / 2 mouse is the upper version of the serial mouse. People are attracted to them more because of their arrival. They can still be purchased as many motherboard manufacturers are still providing PS / 2 ports.

These are PS / 2 connector (Mini-DIN) circular and have 6 pins, due to their design they are only correctly aligned with the port and inserted. PS / 2 mice are also cold-pluggable.

3.USB Mouse
If we talk about now, then nowadays we use a mouse with a USB interface which needs a free USB port. They are either corded or cordless/wireless. These are hot-pluggable, in the counterpart of Serial and PS / 2.

This means that you can also use them in the running condition of the computer, here neither there is any danger to this mouse or to the computer.

4.Wireless mouse
Cordless or wireless mice transmit data via infrared radiation or radio (that is, Bluetooth).

Here a serial or USB port is used to connect the receiver with the computer, or a built-in part such as Bluetooth.

Modern non-Bluetooth wireless mouse nowadays uses USB receivers. While in some they can be safely stored within the mouse, there are also “nano” receivers, which are designed in such a way that they are so small that they are always connected to your laptop or system. Occur.

These are the very latest variety of icons that do not need cable to connect.

While some wireless mouses are connected via USB receiver, others are connected via Bluetooth connection. This type of mouse is given power from batteries which are AA type.

Design of a BASIC PC MOUSE

If you use a PC then you must have used a mouse. You will find this Mouse in the right or outer direction of your keyboard.

It needs a little space to operate properly. Here, below, you will give information about the basic parts of a mouse:

  • Left (main) button: This left button comes under the index finger of your right hand, which is the most main button. This button is used the most.
  • Wheel button: Also called center or wheel, you can use this button by pressing the left and right buttons. This is mainly done to lower or roll up the screen.
  • Right button: We use this right button for special operations, besides right-clicking, it pops up the shortcut or context menu.
  • Mouse body: Mouse is the size of soap. You give the weight of your palm over this mouse body and use the mouse buttons using your fingers.
  • Special buttons: Apart from this, there are many other special buttons in the mouse, which are used for Internet navigation and other specific functions.