full form of DP

what is full form of DP ?

full form of DP is : Display Picture

  • Photo used on internet and any social media platform, messaging profile is called Display Picture! 
  • The term profile picture was quite popular for DP for a long time! profile picture Facebook used to be a fairly well-known word for a time! But after some time since the entry of Whatsapp was done, the word DP became very popular
  • Whatsapp’s profile picture came to be called DP! But after some time, for the profile picture of Facebook and Instagram, the word DP became quite popular and popular among people!

Desktop Picture:

  • Long time ago, when Smartphones were not common among people! Meaning Smartphones were a unique thing then! Very few people used to have smartphones! That was the era of Desktop Computer then! At that time, Internet was mostly used by computers!
  • At that time DP meant Desktop Picture and Desktop Profile! Meaning that the picture you have placed on the screen of your Desktop Computer was called DP!


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