Four Types of Economic Activities

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Four Types of Economic Activities

As we know there lot types of economies such as mixed economic systems,traditional economic system

India,our country comes under mixed economies

So today we will discuss some of activities and their factors of production so that they can produce goods and services in order to meet our market systems

Primary activities

In this activity all resources are obtain from natural source  .it is traditional systems due to which any market economy is surviving 

Such as  Hunting, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, farming, gathering, obtaining mineral from planet earth crust etc are some examples of  primary activities. 

Because in these activites source material lies  inside nature so that the individuals involved in them belong in the red-collar workers.

Secondary Activities

Secondary activities are those activities in which value is added  to currently pre-existing goods or services by modifying their type by means of processing etc. 

Manufacturing industries are part of the secondary activities

.for example  commercial agriculture is also incorporated in secondary activities due to the usage of modern technology and hybrid seeds in cultivation to supply and demand.

 The employees involved in secondary activities are known as blue collar workers.

Tertiary activities

Tertiary activities are  those in which focus is  on providing service to people of the  country. 

The examples of tertiary activities are The person as well as business services for instance clerks, barbers etc. are comes under  tertiary services providers.

 Individuals / business  involved in these tasks are known as pink collar workers.

Quaternary services

The quaternary services which are present in the environment  that are special belong in the quaternary services. 

For example , health services which are  offered into hospitals, 

hospitality expert services are offered in hotels, training service is provided into institutors and school, entertainment professional services are offered into theatres, software services are provided over computers or internet.

The personnel involved in such services are known as white collar workers. 

Researchers, professional consultants, financial advisors, legal consultants, software personnel etc. are white collar workers. To sum things up, Quaternary activities are created from of services, with particular knowledge, specialized expertise, and competence of administration or