Domestic content requirement

Domestic content requirement

what is Domestic content requirement?

It’s about using the domestically manufactured solar cells and modules for solar energy projects in India which are established under JNNSM.

The domestic content requirement (DCR) class was instituted with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission coming from the start of 2010 in an effort in order to create a proper and sturdy indigenous production base as well as to raise India’s status as a sun hub The National Solar Mission or perhaps the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (the JNNSM) followed by India in 2010 goals development of 100,000 MW of grid linked solar energy capacity by 2022.

The procedure followed mostly involves the government entering into long-range electric power buy agreements (PPAs) with solar power developers (SPDs) wherein the federal government undertakes to buy solar energy gained by a specific SPD.

A mandatory domestic articles prerequisite (known as a DCR) was imposed on SPDs participating in phase I and phase II.

National care is a primary concept of GATT/WTO which prohibits discrimination between imported and domestically produced food items with respect to internal taxation or maybe various other governing administration regulation.

DCR violates the National Treatment concept of WTO. This princicple prohibits discrimination between shipped & domestically produced goods with regard to internal taxation or maybe some other governing administration regulation.


WTO itself recognizes the notion of public procurement. It states, “Government agencies typically buy services and goods with public resources and for public reasons to meet the functions of theirs and from time to time to reach other domestic policy objectives, including the promotion of distinct local marketplace sectors or maybe sociable organizations. Such purchases are usually known as government/public procurement.”

US argued that public procurement is electrical energy but India has put constraints on the solar energy cells

Usa complained against DCR found Phase II of this mission.

Fundamentally, entire tussle at WTO was over 1,075 MW or even simply thirty seven per cent of the whole solar aim inside the next period.

There’s reduced curiosity in the DCR.

In accordance with the latest tendering under DCR, Under NSM Phase II Batch-4, 225 MW of DCR tasks happened to be tendered, from which just 25 MW have been auctioned.

Chinese manufacturers captured a lot of the global market on the cost of companies elsewhere, including Indians, with cheap Chinese modules flooding the marketplace; builders did not have to buy expensive household panels anymore.
It was estimated that, Indian non DCR modules generally cost about 10 15 percent more compared to Chinese modules. Auctions are becoming highly competitive, as well as seems like these jobs will be workable only with Chinese panels price tags of which keep on falling every quarter.

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