Top 10 Best English Newspaper in India

Best English Newspaper in India (2021)

Today via this post we will discuss the top 12 best English newspaper in India (2021)

as we know how important in today’s life is to update yourself with daily happening no matter what you are whether you are preparing for any examination, interview, or your evening snacks discussion.

news not only makes you update with current happening but you also get a lot to learn about what, why, how, and when about that happening.

in order to know what is politics? what is the new update in the science and technology area? which country launched which satellite?  how our India is performing against other countries? and soo on.

to get an update about this news of course you need some resources it can be your friend, the internet, or even your grandfather too

hahaha funny right !!!!

but who wants an unreliable resource with less credibility

off course you don’t want low credibility sources.

That’s why we bringing for the top 12 best English newspapers in India (2021) so that you don’t have to rely on so-called unreliable ways to get the latest feed.

after that all your doubt regarding which is the best English newspaper in India which surely resolved

Best English Newspaper In India

here is a list of the best newspapers in India.

1. The Hindu
  • owner:  The Hindu Group, and  Kasturi and Sons Limited
  • Editor– Mukund Padmanabhan
  • Founder– G.Subramania lyr
2.The Times of India
  • owner: The Times Group
  • publisher: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.
  • Editor-in-chief: Jaideep Bose
3. The Indian Express
  • owners: the Indian Express Group
  • publisher: The Indian Express Group
  • Editor-in-chief: raj kamal jha
4. Hindustan Times
  • Owner: HT Media Ltd
  • Editor– Sukumar Ranganathan
5. The Economic Times
  • Owner: Economics times Group
  • Editor– Bodhisatva Ganguli
6. The Telegraph
  • Owner: ABP Group
  • Editor– Arup Sarkar
7. Deccan Chronicle
  • Owner: Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited
  • Editor– Aditya Sinha
9. The Asian Age
  • Owner: Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited
  • Editor– Aditya Sinha

1. The Hindu

Best English Newspaper in India

undoubtedly when we talk about India’s best newspaper it is the most popular or best english newspaper in is an English newspaper owned by Hindu group

which has it headquarter in Chennai (Tamilnadu)

the journey of becoming popular not only among news lovers but also among the aspirant of any government exam such as banking UPSC, SSC, CDS is not so easy as it was started with weekly newspaper but later on, it started its daily edition too

it is the most circulated English newspaper in india followed by the Times of India and other best newspapers in India.

you can stay updated with all information or breaking news or trending news with this newspaper.

there is an exclusive column with insight on the latest development and the why?  behind the emerging theory and scientific discoveries.

5 Feature of Hindu Newspaper

  1. It will give you the gist of all the important stories from the day
  2. Editorial section make you definitely fall in love with newspaper for sure that the reason most of the civil aspirant prefer this newspaper as best newspaper in India for their preparation
  3.  coverage of the diverse topic
  4. free from misinformation
  5. funny cartoon and sarcastic used in this newspaper make it easy to read the newspaper
  6. Non Biased opinion related to politics added a feather in a cap
  7.  The times as listed the Hindu as one among  the list of 10 best newspaper in the world

of course, if The TIMES is recognizing THE HINDU as the best newspaper in the race of Best newspaper in India so undoubtedly it secures our list of Best English newspapers in India.

Reader Review

 Hindu is my go to newspaper  for a wide array of news,updates and allied information.coverage of enviroment and sci-tech news are exceptional.the edit pages offer scholary exploration of various important topics.    – pratik sengupta

my morining breakfast can’t live without hindu newspaper.daily boooster for my brain which gives clear understanding of any issue love it –  snehal dembi

beside all the other things it is a great newspaper for all student who are preparing for any competitve exams with a good content espically the editorail section is just amazing –  adity verma


2.The Times of India

undoubtedly you can’t snatch the 1st position of the Hindu the kind of reputation that newspaper has is truly the exception.

But as we heading toward 2nd position in the list of Best English newspapers in India after the Hindu, I always prefer the Times of India in this list of the best newspapers in India.

there is the specific reason why this newspaper comes 2nd position is that it gives cut-throat competition to The Hindu.

it 2nd the most widely circulated newspaper in India after the Hindu. this newspaper has a different kind of fanbase.

it issued its first edition  as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce on 1983

6 feature of times of India

  1. times of India newspaper offer everything that an avid news reader is looking for that is breaking news,latest headlines,trending picture or news and in-depth coverage of India and world issue along with a spark of sports news
  2. coverage  of the news is approximately more than 50+ cities
  3. it is the first choice of NRI for India and world news
  4. it is 2nd most circulated newspaper in India and the oldest newspaper
  5. even viceroy of India Lord Curzon  called the Times of India as the leading newspaper of Asia
  6. BBC ranked the Times of India as 6th best newspaper in the world in 1991

apart from lot many feature times of India often criticized as publishing paid news\

reader reviews

time of india newspaper is very useful to readers that provides news about recent issues and other news

– govindkrishna

amazing newspaper it aslo gives the news of my local – arun pai


3. The Indian Express


Indian Express is one of the oldest newspapers in India it was 1st founded by the Indian Express group in Mumbai and the founder of this group is Ramnath Goenka.

It has two editions southern editions which are named ” The New Indian Express”  while the other one is the northern edition which named as ” Indian express ”

it has its HQ in NEW DELHI

it is currently distributed manly in a southern state such Tamilnadu Kerala and others. indian express also circulated  newspaper  such as  The Financial Express ,Loksatta ,Jansatta

Reader review

honest and truthfull content in every area with concise information makes it the best newspaper .moreover the ediotoral section is having comprehensive knowladge about issues makes it evene more informative – mukul sharma

4. Hindustan Times


now its time head  toward next in the list of Leading Indian newspaper in English-language.

Hindustan times secured 4th postion in the list of best newspaper in india  this newspaper is amaizng story as it founder sunder singh lyallpuri (founder of alkali movement ).

It is one of largest english newspaper in india even sometime it considered as 3rd most read newspaper most read newspaper in india after times of india and hindu.

It is weidely popular in northern india especially in chandigarh and punjab area.

Its HQ is Kasturba Gandhi marg New Delhi, India and Editor of hindustan times is – Sukumar Ranganathan

6 feature of hindustan times

  1. It is ranked 269 th position among most trusted brand in india
  2. other popular brand published by hindustan times are  Mint which English business daily, Hindustan which is Hindi news for Daily, Nandan which children’s magazine and Kadambani which is literary magazine
  3. fever 3.0,radio channel own by  hindustan times
  4. its provide you breaking news with top stores and updated international news ,city news and many more.
  5. full coverage of engliush news,hindi news punjabi news and more.
  6. hindustan times app provides the tutorial section which is amazing
  7. it also give you insight about local news
  8. sometime it is considered as congress biased newspaper

Raader Reviews

good newspaper very helpful and timely reporting- vishal kumar


5. The Economic Times


if you curious about best newspaper in india for business news surely your option should be economice times. it considered as 2nd mostly widely read buisness newspaper in the world after the wall of street.

the main areana on which the newspaper work is indian economy share prices, prices of commodities and other economical stuff.

so if you keen follower of business news around the globe  then this is newspaper could be right option for you

Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited is the publisher this is family owned buisness

Its headquater is in mumbai accompined by 11 other cities Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Kolkata, and Chandigarh.

5 feature of economic times

  1. Good for business news
  2. Its provide the crips fomat and updated latest news.
  3. with help of their app you can also browse through daily update regarding market news about nifty and stocks
  4. their main aim or key focus area is to give to quick update about finacial world espically indian economy.
  5. deep dive into the start up ecosystem.
  6. insight on company,market,policy

reader review

the content is very useful .i am subscriber of MINT newspaper which also brand of Economic times further it is very informative and simple to understand for non-finance person also to read it – Dattatrya Ghodke

different and unique in certain ways but news feeds are top notch and editor is pretty decent at presenting his/her ideas in certain differnet ways that normally done – anil dangi

6. The Telegraph

lets move farward in our list most read english newspaper of this list of India’s top 10 English newspapers

till now we have covered many amazing newspaper of india now its turn of THE telegarph.

it is indian daily english newspaper it was founded in kolkata

ABP Pvt. Ltd group,publish this newspaper which also published Anandabazar Patrika .

accoriding to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) report this newspaper  comes under top 8 widely read english  newspaper in india .also it most widely circutlated english newspaper in eastern india.

the telegraph is condidered as one of  non baised newspaper of india and particluary this reason makes this newspaper more special.

5 feature of the telegraph

  1. the telegraph newspaper bring out 5 edition which are as follows KolkataSouth BengalNorth BengalNortheast edition (Guwahati split), Jharkhand edition (Jamshedpur and Ranchi splits), Patna and Bhubaneshwar
  2. According to survey it comes under top read english newspaper in india which is quite amazing
  3. Edwin Taylor is desginer of this newspaper, who provide this newspaer a good touch from reader perspective
  4. Buisness world which quite not popular but it is a major part of this assocation which is later sold to sold to Anurag Batra  of Exchange4Media and Vikram Jhunjhunwala who is well known investment banker.

Reader Review

telgraph is my go-to newspaper  because of the way the news is reported -pardosh mitra

this is a newspaper of a high journalistc quality i’d been quite pleased to read this newspaper – Arya

7. Deccan Chronicle



8. The Asian Age