ABG full form

What is the full form of ABG?

ABG full form is Arterial Blood Gas

it is a test to measure the level of  blood acid level and measure of oxygenation,ph level

It checks the efficiency of the lungs as well as check how they are functioning in order to remove carbon dioxide move oxygen into the blood

this test is performed in ICU

 6 major concern when ABG is drawn

  • Shock
  • Trauma
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Lung Failure
  • Kidney Failure

there are 6 components of ABG which are pH, The partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2) , The partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) , Bicarbonate (HCO3) , Oxygen saturation (O2 Sat)  , Oxygen content (O2CT)

other term you may encounter is VBG which measure or test the venous blood and this test basically measure accurate PH but it not prefer when it comes to O2 data


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