Month: April 2021

anil deshmukh resigns

anil Deshmukh resigns Maharashtra home minster  anil  Deshmukh on Monday tendered his resignation  to chief minister uddav Thackrey as report says this resignation comes after  the Bombay high court ordered a CBI Probe following the allegation by former Mumbai police commissioner param bir singh

planetary winds

planetary winds | types what are planetary winds? Trade winds move equatorial waters poleward and westwards and warm the eastern coast of continents. Ex: South Equatorial Current warms the eastern coast of Brazil as warm Brazilian current.  Westerlies in temperate are less reliable than trade Winds – result in the north-easterly flow of water …

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mughal emperor

Mughal emperor:everthing you should know hey folks today w’ll learn about mughal emperor how they established their rule in india and many more Mughal emperor BABUR 1526-1530 1526 – defeated Ibrahim Lodi and his Afghan supporters at Panipat. 1527 – defeated Rana Sanga, Rajput rulers, and allies at Khanna. 1528 – defeated the Rajputs at …

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Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula

Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula   hydrosulfuric acid is also known as hydrogen sulfide and sulfane with the chemical formula H2S it is a colorless gas with a rotten egg smell. Structural Formula of Hydrosulfuric Acid H2S structure is similar to water. oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur. water is more polar than H2S

PIP full form

PIP full form PIP – Personal Information Processing PIP – Performance Improvement Potential PIP – Project Implementation Plan PIP – Production Instrumentation Package PIP – Plant Instrumentation Program PIP – Payload Integration Plan PIP – Pesticide Initiative Programme

RSCIT full form

RSCIT full form|full form of RSCIT The full form of RSCIT or full form of RSCIT is the Rajasthan State Certificate of Information Technology. the main aim of RSCIT is to increase computer literacy in the state of Rajasthan. This examination is required to qualify for the Rajasthan State Certificate  Information Technology Rajasthan State Certificate …

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